Why this gov is launching an Antifacebook encryption Push?


UK gov is launching an antifacebook encryption Push campaign as the META gears up to launch its end-to-end encryption across all of its services including Messenger and Instagram. The gov want to stop this because if it circulates then millions of cases of child sex abuse could go undetected.

Why UK gov is launching an antifacebook encryption Push?

Well there is a valid and very solid point why the gov of United Kingdom want to stop this end-to-end encryption push to all services.

is launching an Antifacebook encryption

Rhiannon-Faye MacDonald is an expert at the Marie Collins Foundation, who helps children who have been victimized online expressed: “When people say this is about privacy, I could not agree more. I am entitled to privacy as a victim of sexual abuse as a child. My experience was documented with photographs and videos that might be on the internet today in the moment I write. We would like to be assured that E2EE [end to end encryption] will not allow and facilitate child sex abusers to cause harm to children directly through locating and grooming the children, or indirectly by disseminating the child’s sexual abuse material.”

What’s Meta Take on All this Antifacebook Encryption Situation?

Meta the owner of Messenger and Instagram has announced in November that it was putting off its plans and finish the global distribution of end-to-end encryption “sometime in 2023”.

Meta already employs end-to end encryption for the WhatsApp messaging service, and had planned to expand that feature to messaging through Messenger and Instagram in 2022. It already has encrypted video and voice calls using Messenger.

So in the end, the launch of Antifacebook Encryption won’t stop. It will be integrated in the end of 2023 in all apps or services that comes under the Meta. This will make the communication between two parties secure which is good for privacy!