Huawei q3 2.3b US – Revenue is down but profitable


Huawei has released the business report regarding the first 3 Quarter and it has been clearly seen that the total revenue of 2022 is bit low as compared to the last year total revenue.

As per the official reports, it has been speculated that  during this period, Huawei produced a revenue of CNY445,8 billion as compared to the last year revenue which was CNY455,8 billion.

Huawei’s principal business has a 6.1% profit margin.

If we compare the both year business reports, then here is difference of 2.3 billion in the US dollars. So as compared to 2021, Huawei has done less revenue of 2.3 billion but overall the coampny made profit as they cut down a lot of services and focused on the infrastructure.

Huawei’s Rotating Chairman Eric Xu stated, “Overall performance was in line with projections.” “Our gadget business continued to experience a slowing downturn, while our ICT infrastructure business maintained stable growth. In the future, we will continue to recruit top-tier personnel and invest in R&D to boost the competitiveness of our products. We will continue to create value for our clients and society.”

So guys that’s Huawei q3 2.3b US report. What do you think of it? Please let us know your opinion in the feedback section and don’t forget to share the revenue forecast of Huawei for 3Q 2022 with others!

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