Q3 yoy samsung 69m apple 50.4m – 20.8% Growth by Apple?


Q3 yoy Samsung 69m Apple 50.4m is the data of worldwide smartphone shipment that stats the overall decline of smartphone shipment units somewhere around -6.7% YoY!!

The data of worldwide smartphone shipments for Q3 has been released and it showed the overall declined of 6.7% YoY. Like the last year, Samsung shipped more mobile units than other brands but here Apple wins as in Q3 there was a jump of 20.8%.

Q3 yoy samsung 69m apple 50.4m

  • Samsung shipped around 69 million units
  • Apple shipped around 50.4 million units

As compared to the last where Samsung shipped 80 million units, this year only they shipped 69 million units. While if talk about the Apple, then this year there is growth of 20.8% i.e. last year Apple shipped 41 million units!

But in the smartphone shipping, thought here is a huge decline of -14.2% from Samsung, still Samsung comes at the first and Apple comes at the second.

The below given data clearly shows, how the overall smartphones shipment has been declined. So if you are interested, then check out the below given stats and see the total decline of -6.7%.

Q3 yoy samsung 69m apple 50.4m

The funny thing is that Apple manufactures less number of units while Samsung manufactures a huge number of units. But still, Apple is the big company as compared to Samsung because the cost of smartphone they ship is very expensive and on the other point Samsung covers every and each people of the country.

That’s why Samsung ships more number of units because they want to reach to each and every person while in case of Apple, they¬† target only the which a specific audience who earns more!

So clearly you can see that by shipping more number of units you can’t make more money. If you deal with the Apple strategy, then by shipping small number of units you can make more money.

This is how you deal with your business. This is how you target your audience!

So the key scenario is that by targeting the right audience and you can make a million of money in just few years and Apple management do this each and every year since 2007 by stepping into the smartphone industry!!

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