How modern gadgets help students in academic writing


Modern gadgets make the essay writing process very easy as you the writing of essay is one of the most common forms of assignment that students will have to do during their college education. It has been like this for years and doesn’t look likely to change anytime soon. So, you would expect the average college student to know how to write an essay. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Millions of university students worldwide seek help from academic writing services to write their essays and improve their overall grades.

While several factors may cause students to outsource their essays rather than write them personally, one has also to consider that essay writing is difficult.

Fortunately, the introduction of modern gadgets in education has made studying more comfortable. While the students are still expected to put in their effort, technology helps to mitigate some of the factors, such as lack of time, that hinder them from writing their essays by themselves.

There are many positives of technology in education, and the introduction of modern gadgets in academic writing help students in several ways. Let’s see some of the benefits of this gadgets below.

Modern gadgets

5 Unbelievable Benefits of Modern Gadgets in Academic Writing

#1. Research becomes easier

One thing that makes academic writing very time-consuming is the amount of time you have to spend researching before you start writing. It can be even more frustrating when you’re researching a particular subject and don’t have enough good resources to write your essay. Without technology, your only options to get good resources are the local and school libraries. Using a library takes a lot of time because you have to commute to and fro the location and then spend time searching for resources in the library. Worse still, you only have a limited time in the library.

However, you can get all the resources you’re looking for online with a quick search on Google. Many websites have research articles and make even rare resources easily accessible for free. So, modern gadgets open you up to a world of research papers and academic journals you can use for your academic writing.

#2. Improves writing quality

Without these gadgets, you can write essays full of different grammar and spelling errors, and you won’t even realize how poor your essay is. However, technology makes it possible to access proofreading and grammar checking tools and install them on your gadgets. These tools allow you to edit your essays automatically and improve your writing quality.

If you use these editing tools long enough, you’ll stop making most of the common writing mistakes in your essays. So, the amount of editing your essay requires will be minimal, you’ll be able to save time, and your writing skills will improve.

#3. It helps to avoid plagiarism

As mentioned earlier, you need to find other resources that you would refer to when writing your essay. It’s common to take inspiration from the work of other writers. However, you must avoid plagiarizing their work and properly cite all the references used in your essay.

Plagiarism is seen as intellectual property theft and is a big issue within and beyond academic circles. So, it’s important to avoid all forms of plagiarism in your work. Fortunately, modern technology makes it easy to use proper citations in your essay. Several resources online can help you write the reference details using your preferred referencing format for free.

#4. Develops your multitasking ability

This point can be a little controversial because not everyone believes in multitasking. To the unbelievers, then this point may not be considered a pro of modern gadgets, but to the believers (which takes the larger number), this is an important benefit. We’re in a world where we must do several things but have little time for them all. Worse still is the fact that the average attention span keeps dropping. So being able to multitask helps you achieve more in less time. Using gadgets for essays helps students to do more in less time.

#5. Improves collaboration

This is perhaps, one of the biggest advantages of gadgets in essay writing and the education sector. You can have a group of students working on an essay topic and collaborating without being physically present together. This helps save time, stress, money, etc., and allows you to do more. The task can be uploaded to a Google Drive folder where anyone in the group can easily access it from anywhere in the world. That’s how powerful these gadgets are. Additionally, anyone can suggest changes, make edits, and add comments to improve the quality of the essay. This takes away the need for frequent physical group meetings.


Modern gadgets have several benefits students can enjoy when writing their essay assignments. The access to resources, the ability to improve and polish their essay, and the amount of time saved are benefits you cannot overlook. So, it’s understandable that students are taking full advantage of the powerful devices in their hands and using them to finish their work.