Minecraft apk – how to download on Android phone


Mojang studios developed the Minecraft apk was released in 2009, and it has become of the most popular games in the past few years. There is nobody who does not like games, rather there is a whole chunk of society that surely adores on how to play games.

Back in 2016, the pocket version of the game was released for both Android and iOS platforms. The best part about the Minecraft pocket edition ask is that it allows all the users to play the sandbox game amongst their friends no matter where they go. Under this version, you can learn how to download the Minecraft free apk as we have offered detailed steps on how one can download the same.

Most probably, there are chances that you might own Minecraft, but as we are talking about mobile edition, then there is a possibility that you might even know about it. Well, you must be wondering how is that possible, then you must understand that it is all possible due to third-party software, like the BlueStacks, which is a platform that makes playing mobile on PC completely easy.

It also has some features, including the nifty elements, and keyboard and mouse support, the ability to play a plethora of games at once, and more significant FPS. In this guide, you will learn how to create your own creations on the big screen and carry on playing the same on the tiny screen.

Minecraft apk

Things to know about Minecraft pocket edition free

It is ideally the mobile version of Minecraft, though it doesn’t go by that name any longer in the mobile stores especially. When it comes to features, it is quite identical to the PC version as you can get the same experience here, more or less. Some of the differences that are notable include:

  • You can buy additional content via microtransactions.
  • It doesn’t include support for unofficial mods.
  • This addition doesn’t receive ads usually at the same time as PC or console versions.
  • You can easily play with your friends on Xbox and PC in multiplayer thanks to the invite option.
  • The reworked controls are featured and redesigned for UI touchscreen.

How to download Minecraft apk on Android Devices

If you are planning to download the Minecraft Pocket edition of APK 0.14.0 in your Android phone then you have to follow the following crucial steps are:

  • To play it on Android, you will need to download the APK 0.14.0 file.
  • Once you search for it, a number of files will open for you, and in this case, you need to click on the option which feels quite relevant to you.
  • Once you get the appropriate option, you can click on the purchase option. Then click on the install button once the payment is successful.
  • As of now, the file is priced at $10.

Additionally, players need to note that they must not indulge in piracy at any point in time because it is a critical offence. Above all, you need to download the game from genuine sources only.

Additionally, Minecraft 0.14.0 free download shouldn’t be made through third-party sources because they pose some risk for the devices at times. There is more thrill to this version because the developers have included spooky witches and their huts.

There is also a trial version available on the google play store where you can try before making the purchase. Hence these steps will help you in making the download process relatively easy, if all the steps are properly applied.