Free Laptop Guide for Students – Get it in 2021


There are some scholarship programs for students that offer a free laptop with great specs or you can avail theme at heavy discount. Let see what brands give a laptop to students for free!

It is essential to learn about the best student laptops in times where remote learning is vital than ever. Above all, there are a plethora of options available out there, and to make these things easy, we have curated some best laptops for students, and who knows, you can also avail of a free laptop.

If you are a student planning to buy a computer, then you must understand that there are certain things you need to have at the back of your mind.

Laptops are really essential in today’s lifestyle for the students, as everything is happening at home. Study from home or work from home has become the new normal and laptops play a very essential part in the way lives function. Buying the good quality laptop is a must.

Firstly, you need to ensure that the free laptop for students aligns with day-to-day apps that the majority of the students use.

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Best free laptops for Top Brands – Available now

Acer Swift 3

 It is one of the best student laptops overall as it aligns with almost all the needs of the students today. You don’t need to make any major comprises because it is quite budget-friendly also and at the same time powerful enough to handle day to day tasks like web browsing or creating documents. It is relatively thin, which makes it easy to carry around the school and also features decent quality, which means it won’t break easily.

There are some hardware upgrades also available with the new laptop. So you can say it is a fantastic performer which features an excellent battery life too. It is one of the most robust laptops in the world. Even though gamers don’t prefer it, but students can surely rely on it.

Acer Chromebook 314

If you are looking for a budget laptop for students, then you surely cannot go wrong with this one. Thanks to their fantastic value of money, the majority of the students consider buying it. In simple terms, the Chromebooks are way cheaper than Windows 10 devices, and in our view, it is one of the best budget-friendly Chromebook.

Some of the fantastic features of the device include a 14-inch display and 12-hour battery life, and even if you work on the entire school day, you will be left with some battery still. As you are just going to do a lot of typing here, you shall surely love the keyboard because it is quite comfortable.

Google Pixel book Go

One of the best Chromebooks that money can buy as of now is the Google Pixelbook Go. It packs around the stunning design and powerful elements, which are way better than windows 10. Above all, it has a good battery life also. It also includes a fantastic screen.

MacBook Air

Many people think it is one of the best laptops from apple so far, and it was launched at the end of 2020. Instead of using the Intel-based hardware, Apple chose to make its own chip to power the new MacBook Air, and it seems that the gamble appears to have paid off massively. The performance is quite stunning as it has improved the battery life like never before.

Well, you need to learn how to get a free laptop because this laptop is undoubtedly worth buying thanks to the newly added features. It is also a great laptop for students who love photography. No doubt, the computer is quite extensive, but at the same time, it is worth the price.