I opened the new Microsoft edge and Apple got angry – Shocking!


A story has been viral where someone claimed that when he opened the new Microsoft edge, Apple got angry. This story has been published by Chris Matyszczyk on the zdnet.com and it garnered a number of views and shares.

So what’s the full story? Is it really happened when someone opened the Microsoft edge and Apple got angry? or it is just a meme? Well if you would like to know, then keep reading!

I opened the new Microsoft edge and Apple got angry- full story

The newly released Edge browser has been the subject of a very aggressive marketing campaign. Apple appears to have initiated a defensive response and defence of Safari, which is an oddly aggressive action.

After having been nurtured in the technological womb of Google’s Chromium, the new Edge browser made its debut the previous year to much acclaim and annoyance.

Some Windows users were angry because it was forced upon them without their consent.

There were even some who thought it was just malware.

The researchers came to the conclusion that it was an issue of privacy purgatory.

I downloaded it rather early on, and after that, I was harassed on a regular basis by Microsoft to, well, download the newest version of Edge. Which added an altogether new layer of frustration to the situation.

Still, despite the fact that I have steadfastly stuck to using Firefox as my preferred browser, I have added Edge to my collection of browsers. It has turned out to be a quick and responsive addition that is also pretty pleasant.

In the beginning, this irritated Google. The ill-informed users received a friendly notice from Google when they entered into their Gmail accounts using Edge. The message advised them to switch to Chrome instead. You know, lightning fast, dead easy, and foolproof. Supposedly.

As the weeks and months passed, things appeared to settle down. The relationship between Google and Microsoft has improved. It certainly helps that Edge is now the second most popular browser, and that it is automatically installed on all Windows computers like manna from heaven.

It’s possible that the meteoric rise of Edge is what’s finally caused Apple to shriek in public.

The previous week, when I opened Edge, I was in for a tremendous surprise. There was a notification that popped up in the upper right-hand corner of my MacBook Air. Derived from Apple.

The title yelled out for readers to “TRY THE NEW SAFARI.” The following was added to the text: “Quick, good on energy, and aesthetically pleasing.”

I gasped in wonder. I looked at it for a moment, and then, as is my wont, I took a screenshot.

The notifications that appear in the top right-hand corner of my screen are typically limited to announcements that an upcoming update is available or a reminder about when I performed my most recent backup. But there was never any genuine selling done.

I can’t recall ever seeing an advertisement for Apple product there. I don’t believe I’ve ever witnessed Apple immediately respond when I opened a product developed by a competitor on my MacBook Air.

Cupertino is unhappy about something.

It’s not as if Apple taps me on the shoulder every time I open Microsoft Word and forcefully recommends that I use Pages instead.

It’s not like Apple scolds me every time I open a spreadsheet in Excel by suggesting that I should be working with Numbers instead.

It is true that Apple has been more forceful in promoting its many different services. My iPhone displays requests to use Apple services such as Apple News and Apple TV+.

In addition, I do have Safari installed on my laptop, but I don’t use it very frequently. In contrast to most Apple products, I think it has a bit of an unattractive design. It has a squashed feeling at the top and is aesthetically unpleasant to look at.

I guess that the beauty of a web browser depends on the person using the MacBook.

However, Apple’s irritation did function, albeit in a limited capacity. When I opened Safari, I discovered that it appeared precisely as I had recollected it. For some reason, I just can’t get excited about it.

To this day, though, I cannot get over the fact that Apple suddenly views browsers as being of such vital significance that it intends to harass customers into using Safari.

What other options are there? Apple is warning me that if I don’t use Pages, it could cause problems with my iPhone. Why is Apple pushing me to use Keynote when I already have PowerPoint?

Or maybe even a marketing effort by Apple that makes fun of Microsoft Edge? That would certainly take the concept of entertainment to a whole new level.