Airpods not Connecting to Mac – How to Connect?


Sometimes your AirPods not connecting to Mac makes the situation worse, and you end being confused about what happened to your Mac or AirPods. Well, these are crafted to pair to all the devices interlinked with your iCloud account, but they don’t do this all the time. There could be times when they end up not connecting to Mac, and in such a situation you could feel helpless.

Here we will look into how to connect AirPods to MacBook and help you in the future. We will learn about the few steps that you can take, that could help you in connecting the Airpods to the Mac.

AirPods not connecting to Mac

Troubleshoot Airpods not Connecting to Mac – Recommended Solution! 

Check Whether Your Mac is updated or not

Before we talk about the troubleshooting process to solve this problem, it is essential to get aware that these Airpods will only perform with the latest Mac, which is macOS Sierra.

Airpods, are known to be one of the best innovation of Apple and the electronic is loved by the masses. Airppod also comes very handy specially during meetings, while working out, working etc.

One of the common reasons your AirPods are not working with your Mac is that maybe you haven’t updated it or can check it in your system.

To check you can use the software version by clicking on the apple logo present in the upper left corner of the screen, click on the About this Mac.

A pop-up display will appear on your screen, which will show you the current version of the macOS. If you see an update option then proceeds with updating your Mac Device.

Fixing AirPods that are not connecting to Mac – 7 Steps

Step 1: Turning and checking the Bluetooth option

You are looking if how to connect Airpods to the Mac, then turn on the Bluetooth option from the system preferences, and you can easily see whether your Bluetooth is turned on or not.

Step 2: Putting Airpods into Pairing Mode

In this step you have to put your Airpods into pairing mode by pressing the button present on the charging case and when you see a white flashlight that means they are in Bluetooth pairing mode.

Step 3: Connecting Airpods to Mac Manually

When you cannot pair your AirPods automatically, you can use them by pairing them manually. For manual pairing, you have to double click on the pods present in the Bluetooth system in system preferences of Mac.

Step 4: Try to be restarting your device.

Sometimes there are software glitches that prevent the connecting of Airpods to Macbook. In this case, you can restart your Mac Device, and then you can try to connect the Airpods Again.

Step 5: Forget Airpods

If you freshly updated your Mac or Airpods, you can try to make a new connection to the Mac by clicking on the forget device and then try to connect them from the start.

Step 6: Charge Airpods fully 

Charging Airpods sometimes helps them to perform better and make connections even faster. You can charge the Airpods by plugging into the charger and then you can pair with your Mac Device.

Step 7: Reset Airpods

In the most extreme case, when you cannot connect Airpods to Mac, you can reset them by pressing and holding the button in the charging case and release it when it is turned into white light from the amber colour.