How to Stream League of Legends With Obsidian!


how to stream league of legends with obs

League of Legends is an incredibly light weight game which makes it very easy to get streamed quickly. However, this game also has a maximum of its recommended views, which means that there shouldn’t be too much heavy graphics or FPS. Too much graphics and heavy FPS can actually slow down the game on a smaller scale, especially if it is going to be aired on a smaller channel. In the end the viewer should be able to see the action live without any hindrances. In this article I will talk about how to stream League of Legends using a free to use computer program.

To get started you need to download a program such as Skype or OBS. You then need to connect to the Internet with either a high speed connection such as 3G or with a dial-up connection. Once connected, you can then go to the League of Legends official website and use the search box to find your region. For example, if you live in the United States then the region you type in should bring up the league’s league lobby. Once there you should click on the blue link near the bottom that will take you to the League of Legends main scene.

The main scene contains all the major tournaments and player vs player activity which occur during league play. This is where you start streaming. Most people who try to stream this game do so from their living room, or somewhere they feel comfortable, however I suggest starting streaming from the official site itself. Once there the first thing you are required to do is create an account. My favorite method for doing this is through creating a public profile, which is also the password you will use when actually playing the game.

Your playing skills must be at an optimal level prior to attempting to stream League of Legends with Obsidian. There are a lot of games which require you to practice certain maneuvers in order to succeed, but League of Legends requires a lot more strategic thinking. Once you have mastered the basic strategies of winning then you are ready to begin streaming. There are two methods of accomplishing this; through manual methods and automatic methods.

Manual methods are the easiest ones to start streaming. If you’re familiar with the in-game guides, you will find them very helpful. They will walk you through every step of playing the game as if it were a professional. The steps are generally easy and straightforward. I’m going to describe a quick trick you can apply while streaming to improve your odds of actually finishing the game. It involves utilizing the chat commands and displaying your health bar whenever health bars become low.

After learning how to stream league of legends with Obsidian, it’s time to upgrade your account to the platinum league. The higher league you achieve, the better your chances of being invited to one of the leagues that are hosted by Hi-Rez. Once you’ve achieved the platinum you’ll notice that the game’s interface has changed. In addition to this, instead of showing the entire roster you now only display the names of your players.

In order to access the higher leagues you will need to purchase accounts which are linked to the correct laddering system. There are two different options available: the Cheat Engine and the Custom Scenes. The Cheat Engine is what you will use if you want to quickly become an expert at the game. If you’re familiar with the interface, the custom scenes feature will be useful for observing the game’s new content. The problem with this method is that you can’t see the other players or their strategies. This is a common mistake made by beginners, so it’s always recommended that you practice before trying this option.

In conclusion, the question “How to stream League of Legends with Obsidian?” can be answered fairly easily. You have two different options to choose from to reach the top. Make sure you pick the right one!