Worrying why is my ping so high?- Here’s how to reduce and solve the lag issue [100% Working]


You might be worrying why is my ping so high as it consumes a lot of system resources and slows down the performance. So while playing online games if you encounter with this issue then you can fix the high ping problem and solve the lag issue by following our helpful tips guide.

We will discuss about some troubleshooting tips, which will help to reduce the ping and improve the system performance and ultimately after doing this you can experience a lag free gaming.

So guys in order to fix high ping in online games like roblox, fortnite, minecraft, battlefield, I have covered 9 different troubleshooting techniques. You can try these solutions one-by-one according to your relevance, as a solution might be suitable for one user, but the other solutions might not be as suitable.

 why is my ping so high

Best ways and some helpful tips to reduce high ping which will ultimately fix the lag issue

Make an effort to relocate closer to your router

Your Wi-Fi signal will be impacted by obstructions in the environment such as walls, floors, and other physical barriers.

Put an end to any running apps in the background as well as any websites

Downloads in the background should be halted or cancelled, and all devices should have their web browsers closed.

Reduce the number of devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi network

Each additional device that you connect to a network will slow down your connection speed and make your ping value higher.

Try restarting your router

It may assist to get the device functional again if you restart the router, especially if it has been used heavily recently.

Make use of the local servers when you are gaming

Your ping will be lower if you play games on a server that is situated in the same country as you.

If you are having problems with the Internet, contact your Internet Service Provider

On the Afrihost map, look for any problems or outages that have been reported with the network.

Establish a direct connection between your device and your router

Using an Ethernet wire will allow you to accomplish this. Ping times are almost universally lower when using a cable connection.

Upgrade your router

It could be time to get a new router, especially if the one you have is getting on in years and gets a lot of use.

Switch up your Internet service provider

Boost the upload and download speeds of your Internet connection by upgrading your Internet subscription.

Final Words

The problem of high ping in online gaming is one that a great number of players find quite annoying. Although the majority of people have this problem because of their internet connection, there are some things that you can do on your end through your personal computer to minimise the ping speed when you are playing online games.

Your problematically high ping speed will very certainly be resolved by using any of the two solutions described up there. However, if the ping speed is not to your satisfaction, you should get in touch with the customer service department of your Internet service provider (ISP) and express your dissatisfaction with the service.

I hope guys, now you have a clear picture of why is my ping so high and you also know the solutions to fix it. If you would like to know more then you can ask in the comments and don’t forget to share.