5 Number to Dial to See If Your Phone Is Tapped


Do you know there are 5 number to dial to see if your phone is tapped or not? Well guys If you want to check the privacy of your mobile whether its security is in danger or not then dial these numbers to find out!

Using these phone dialing code, you can identify that the mobile security has been compromised or not. In addition to that you can also look for other security loops so you can make your life style more secure than ever.

Well guys, it’s time to reveal phone tapping code.  Dial one of the given numbers (listed below) and find out – is your phone hacked or tracked by some agency or not? So don’t wait and get ready for this!!

number to dial to see if your phone is tapped

How to check if your phone is tapped  

If you’re worried that your phone may be tapped, there are a few things you can do to check. One of the easiest ways is to use a signal detector app. There are a number of apps like this available for free or for purchase in the app store.

Another way to check is to use a metal detector. If you have one, run it over your phone and see if it beeps. You can also try listening for any strange sounds when you make calls or send texts.

If you think your phone may be tapped, it’s best to take it to a professional to have it checked out. A professional will check your device from inside very carefully and remove the bug.

But guys, at present by dialing some codes you can also check that your device is hacked or not? So let’s get into this and find out how you can execute this process in your mobile phone and check for vulnerabilities.

5 Number to Dial to See If Your Phone Is Tapped

These days smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. However, you will never know if your phone is tapped/hacked or someone tracking it. Here we will discuss with you how to check if your phone is tapped.

The phone tapping scam can be done by anyone including your close friend, police, parents, or someone else with hidden motives. Many hackers inject a malware to steal your personal data through phone tapping.

So, if you find anything weird while using the phone and want to confirm then below we have highlighted some dial codes which you can use to identify is your phone tapped or not. This is pretty simple and easy to use!


When you dial *#21#, it will show a number of diversion status which is currently happening with the number. This will reveal the information and you will come to know that your mobile calls or messages are tapped.


Dialing ##002# on your smartphone will instantly switch off all the redirection from your phone. This will be another way to stay secure and safe your data from hackers.


If you want to know – if your calls, messages, data, are being redirected? Then you can simply dial *#62# tapping code. If anything is wrong then this will let you know!


By dialing *#06#, you will be able to know the International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) code. This can also be very helpful if you happen to lose your phone. Once the phone is switched on, the network operator will automatically receive the location even when a new SIM card is inserted.


If you’re concerned that your phone might be tapped, there’s a quick and easy way to find out. Simply dial *#67# before making any calls, and if your phone is tapped, the call will not go through. This is a great way to keep your conversations private and protect your privacy.

So, guys as you can see there is no single number to dial to see if your phone is tapped. You can go for multiple dial codes and find out about the phone tapping. All this is completely simple and safe!

In addition to that, if you know any other phone tapping code, then let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this awesome article with your friends on social media sites or group!