Netgear ac1200 dual band smart wifi router, gigabit ethernet (r6230)


Netgear ac1200 dual band smart wifi router, gigabit ethernet (r6230) is a power internet connectivity device that can connect up to 20 devices and coverage range is around 1200 square foot.

Well if you have been looking for best dual band smart wireless router you can Netgear ac1200 performance and features below and also check the best prices so you can get this product  in cheaper rates!

netgear ac1200 dual band smart wifi router, gigabit ethernet (r6230)

What is netgear ac1200 dual band smart wifi router, gigabit ethernet (r6230)

Its NETGEAR AC1200 Smart WiFi Router is a very quick router, delivering AC1200 wifi and Gigabit Ethernet speed. External antennas can provide better WiFi coverage for homes with larger spaces.

The router provides 3x more speed than comparable 802.11n and offers more secure streaming for tablets and mobile phones. It offers high-speed and reliable performance that is required to support applications like high-quality, lag-free HD video streaming and gaming with multi-players, super-fast speed, and a reliable and secure connectivity to Internet.

Compatible with the latest generation of WiFi devices and backwards compatible with 802.11 a/b/g/n devices it lets you enjoy HD streaming across your entire home. With speeds of up to 300+900Mbps+ speed , and simultaneously dual-band WiFi technologies, the device blocks interference from wireless signals, providing high WiFi speeds and stable connection.

These technologies also offer the best connectivity to the latest dual band mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhones. The processor’s 880MHz speed provides top-quality connectivity, and it’s USB 2.0 port offers wireless connectivity and allows transfer with USB drive.

Why you should purchase Netgear Ac1200 dual band WiFi router

#1. Speed

Speed is what makes HD video more enjoyable. Speed can make online gaming amazing. Speed lets all your devices actually work. If you’re in need of speeds, with NETGEAR there’s a way to get it. Fast download speeds that can reach 300+900Mbps.

The next-generation 11ac WiFi with two band technologies. It provides all-encompassing coverage with Gigabit both wireless and wired. Everything you require for an efficient, speedy and connected home.

#2. WiFi Range

Homes are available in different sizes and shapes. The NETGEAR Better Range–WiFi coverage across your home . AC1200 smart WiFi router with external antennas gives WiFi connectivity throughout your house to all devices that are connected to the Internet.

#3. Reliable Connections

Stay connected to the devices you use, devices, and with your loved ones. Dual band WiFi that is simultaneous offers two distinct WiFi networks–2.4GHz for older devices and 5GHz, which is less susceptible to interference when it comes to media streaming.

The latest QoS technology gives you greater priority to streaming media that allows for more smooth HD streaming of videos and lower latency gaming online.

#4. Sharing

Enjoy memories and share them with other people. Find images, videos and music that are stored on the sharing USB hard drive, and stream the contents on your DLNA television from your sofa. If it’s safe and has shared storage access that you need, NETGEAR provides easy ways to achieve it.

#5. Ease of Use

Enjoy your new device more quickly than you have ever. NETGEAR will ensure your installation and management are simple and easy, so that you’ll be able connect quickly and keep it this way!

#6. Security

Make sure you are protected and protect your family when you’re surfing the web. NETGEAR offers you security and provides Standards-based WiFi Security (802.11i,128-bit AES encryption with PSK)

Netgear ac1200 dual band wifi router Price

Netgear ac1200 dual band smart wifi router, gigabit ethernet (r6230) price range varies from $50 to $99. You can get the cheapest deal on various online platforms and get the netgear ac1200 dual band wifi router from Amazon in just $49 and get 1-year warranty.

On some special days or festivals, you can get it in just $39 and solve the problem of internet connectivity like network coverage issue in home very quickly!

So that’s all about the netgear ac1200 dual band smart wifi router, gigabit ethernet (r6230). If you have any question, then let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share the review of Netgear ac1200 review with your friends on social media apps!!