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Unknown Caller – Tricks to Find out Who called me?


It is impossible to have everyone’s number saved. There could be some time when you might end up getting a call from an unknown caller and you dint get time to pick up. However, that unknown call might end up being an important call that you couldn’t afford to miss.

You cannot block the number, unfortunately, as you aren’t aware of what the number looks like. But now, you must be wondering how the callers would be hiding their numbers. Thanks to the No Caller ID feature, anyone can just hide the number.

You tend to appear under unknown callers if you are making this type of call. All you need to do is enter a few digits of numbers. For example, you have to enter *67 before the number you want to call, and it will just block your ID automatically. Usually, no ID is used to prevent the tracking part.

If you are wondering who called me, then you must be aware of the unknown caller feature. But there are a plethora of people who tend to misuse this feature for both harassment and other illegal work. Hence it is the reason why we need to understand the how-to unmask the number of the caller.

Unknown Caller

How to find out Unknown Caller who is calling you from an unknown number?

You can block the number and stop receiving unwanted calls once you know who the unknown caller is. Some of the recommended ways that you can use to find out who called you.

Call the phone company

The majority of the phone companies tend to have the records of the previous phone calls as they provide the clients with an Anonymous Caller ID service. Now you must be wondering how does this work? Well, the service checks the authenticity of all calls which you receive on your phone automatically.

For example, if someone tries to call you from an unknown or restricted number when the service is enabled. The person has to unmask their number if they want the caller to proceed. If you’re going to allow this service, then you just need to call your telephone company and notify them about unknown calls that you are receiving.

But not all companies offer this service, and you don’t need to stress because you can always ask your telephone company about Anonymous Caller ID. The expert is most likely to ask you for the date and time when you had received those calls if at all they offer this service. Furthermore, you also need to provide your name and address. The operator will then help you unmasking the number that has been calling you often, and then you can enable the feature.

Use TrapCall

When it comes to unmasking the unknown caller id and block the unknown numbers, then TrapCall is undoubtedly one of the most reliable services. This feature allows the users to unmask all the phone numbers, name, address, and photo of the person calling with no caller ID turned on.

They also help put these numbers on the blacklist, so when they try calling you again, they are most likely to hear a message that your number has either been disconnected or out of service.

To block an unknown phone number, all you need to do is sign up for a subscription for TrapCall, and then you can decline it when you receive a no caller ID call. Post then, the call would be redirected to TrapCall, and the company will unmask the caller and also you will get a notification with the number.

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