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Best Streaming Apps to Watch Movies and Live TV Events


Streaming apps are great as we can watch TV seasons episodes, movies climax, live sports events, anime series and lot of the other digital content in high quality audio and video on our mobile device 24 hours!

In this fast-paced world, we hardly spend our wake time at home where our television set is! The long distances we need to cover to reach our workplace from home, frequent business tours, and mandatory meets call for entertainment to help us bear the long duration of free time.

If your favorite show or a crucial football match is being broadcasted live on tv and suddenly you realize that you have to leave for your 2 hours long journey to your office, taking the 42″ TV with you is not an option at all! Or if you begin watching a show, you don’t want to miss out on the climax just because you were not home when the episode was streaming; or maybe you want to binge-watch your favorite series or a film, but it is not on air: all these and many more factors are the cause for the significant shift seen from cable services to live streaming apps.

Here is a list of the top 3 Best Streaming apps to watch live TV events and we also filtered out the best apps to watch blockbuster movies movies and popular TV seasons.

Streaming apps for movies and live events telecast

Best Streaming apps to watch live TV events

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is YouTube’s live streaming and broadcast app service. Google’s parent company, Alphabet own it. YouTube TV has plethora of followers and is a very known TV streaming apps in the US.

Fubo TV

fuboTV was initially recognized as the streaming home for cord-cutting soccer-focused fans. In recent years, fuboTV has become a more well-rounded live streaming app. While it still features perhaps the most comprehensive array of sports channels on the market, the service now offers plenty of live and on-demand non-sports content as well, with popular channels such as Disney, ESPN, HGTV, History, MLB Network, and Nickelodeon among its line-up.

Sling TV

Why would cord-cutters pay for more TV than they need? In an ideal situation, subscribers would pay for only the channels and topics they want to watch. Sling TV is considered one of the very famous TV streaming apps in the US.

Best Streaming apps to watch movies


Netflix is by far the number #1 most-used live streaming apps, not only for movies but also for many popular TV shows. It gives you an option of thousands of titles to choose from, and new ones are added every month. It is hard to say no to this kind of variety, and the cherry on the top of the cake is that it has absolutely zero ads or commercials. If you’re a big movie buff, Netflix is the streaming service to try first.

Amazon prime video

As the Amazon logo cleverly points out: you can get A to Z stuff from them at your doorstep. With the release of Amazon Prime Video, you cannot only shop online but also watch the latest and greatest movies at the comfort of your home.


Hulu another great app is offering good variety in popular shows and movies to watch. According to some users, it has a better selection of content. The only drawback may be that Hulu integrates some advertising into the viewing experience. Besides Hulu’s free and much more limited membership, you can sign up for two different premium memberships, offering limited commercials and another that obliterates commercials.

If you have a weekend approaching, what are you waiting for? Just subscribe to any of the apps of your choice, put on those “binge-watch pyjamas”, stock up your snacks and be taken into a world of fantasy, drama, thrill and romance!

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