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7 Best Snapchat Stories Viewer Apps


Snapchat stories viewer apps are quite useful while reading the stories of other people without them knowing. So, if you want to secretly ready someone’s story on Snapchat then checkout these ultimate spy apps and let us know which one you liked the most!

What is Snapchat Stories Viewer?

When you watch other people’s stories on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or WhatsApp, they are usually aware that you did so.

On the other side, you may wish to spy and view these snapchat stories without the poster’s knowledge for personal or private concerns. As a result, this article will go through 7 different ways to see Snapchat Stories without the other person knowing.

It’s a straightforward guide on how to spy on and read other people’s Snapchat stories without their permission. So let’s dive in and see the best snapchat story viewer apps list below.

Snapchat stories viewer

7 Best Snapchat Stories Viewer Apps that You Can Use Without Notifying Others

When you view other people’s Snapchat stories, they are usually notified that you have done so. How do you see them if you don’t know who they are? That’s how it’s dealt with here. Using any of these tools, you can spy on people’s Snapchat stories without their knowledge in seven different ways.

#1. mSpy (Mobile Spy)

No one will realize you’re monitoring their actions on multiple social media platforms, including viewing their stories, with mSpy. It is a top-rated spying program that is available on all imaginable platforms. The features are impressive, especially the easy-to-read/navigate control panel. More information on how to Snapchat Stories viewer Secretly use mSpy may be found in the demo image below.

#2. Spyzie

Spyzie is a cross-platform program that allows you to spy on other people’s Snapchat actions “in their totality.” It’s a great smartphone app with a lot of spying options. You may see other people’s Snapchat Stories viewer regularly with the Spyzie app downloaded on your smartphone or your PC, but they won’t know you “came around.”

#3. Cocospy

The Cocospy app is one of the few Snapchat surveillance tools that are both free and have a lot of capabilities. All you have to do is register on the web page and begin spying on your Snapchat friends. When you use the program “Cocospy” to view people’s Snapchat stories, they have no idea.

#4. SpyFone

For all of us, technology is simplifying everything. SpyFone is another popular software for secretly viewing other people’s Snapchat behavior. It’s a premium app with a lot of flexibility that can be used with other social media apps as well. This program is also compatible with Android and iOS mobile operating systems, allowing it to be used by everyone.

#5. FlexiSpy

This is one of the most popular apps for discreetly viewing or poking around in other people’s social media activities. So, if you’re looking for a means to read a friend’s Snapchat stories without them knowing, this paid app might be worth a go. It isn’t free, but it performs a fantastic job, and you won’t be disappointed with the price.

#6. TheTruthSpy

When it comes to spying on any social networking platform, this is one of the best programs available. TheTruthSpy is not only a cross-platform app, but it’s also a user-friendly spying app with a lot of cool features. It is one of the most widely used applications for social media monitoring and spying.

#7. SpyMyFone

So, to round out today’s list here’s a great app for staying “blank” on social networking. Once you’ve installed this app on your device, no one will know you’ve ever looked at their Snapchat stories, and you’ll be able to track their other activity as well. This app is a cross-platform app, just like the others on this list.

Finally, you’ll be able to read other people’s Snapchat stories using the Snapchat viewer listed here, and they won’t even know it. These Snapchat story viewers also have other surveillance features and are accessible on a variety of platforms.

So guys, this is what we got for you!

If you have any questions or suggestions, then please let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share it with others!

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