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7 Best Mobdro Alternatives that Work on FireStick


Mobdro apk is one of the best live TV streaming apps. But sometimes it doesn’t work and hence we are sharing top mobdro alternatives which you can use to watch the latest TV series. So let’s dive in and checkout our exclusive list below.

What is Mobdro?

Well, Mobdro is just a simple app where you can stream TV content. It is packed with popular TV shows which you can watch on your mobile. But now its apk is available, and by downloading mobdro apk you can access a giant library of TV shows on your mobile screen and enjoy them anywhere anytime.

The developer of this app also created it for Firestick user. So if you have been using Amazon firestick then you can get it and install it. All data can be streamed in high quality on TV – which looks super Awesome!

mobdro alternatives

Mobdro Not Working?

Like other apps, Mobdro needs maintenance. So when the maintenance works go then user may experience some downtime or they can see some kind of weird error on screen. Well when this happens you can’t do anything so here you can go for some alternatives which offers same kind of data and features.

Before trying the following alternatives, you can do these 2 things to fix mobdro not working issue. I hope this’ll work.

  • Check the apk version if it is old then upgrade it.
  • You can check the apk on other device, may be the problem is only in your device.
  • Recheck the apk after 1 hour, may this issue be appearing due to app maintenance.

 If the above recommendations don’t work then please check out the following alternatives. You can install them in firestick device and watch all exclusive TV shows.

Top Mobdro Alternatives that you can use on FireStick

Many people were using Mobdro on Firestick. But due to some issue it doesn’t work and hence we come up with some similar apps that works just like Mobdro. So if you have been using this Tv app to watch movies or latest TV shows then must check the following list, these work very well on firestick.

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is one of the top mobdro alternatives as it holds a perfect collection of news programs, TV dramas and comedy shows. You can shoot an email and register for this service while enjoying several hours of free TV on demand. Downton Abbey, Chicago P.D., 30Rock are some of the ideal shows you can enjoy.

Pluto TV

When you are looking for alternatives, you will surely come across Pluto TV. The app is quite prominent on the internet because of the cord-cutters. Ideally, it is not correct to say that it is just an alternative as it is better than Mobdro.

It offers a better experience overall. You can watch several live channels here, and some of the prominent media to watch are CNN, NBC, MTV, Fox Sports, NFL etc. The alternative is free, and you don’t need to sign up for watching. You choose this if mobdro is not working.

Tubi TV

Thanks to alternative’s partnership with unique studios, you can’t cross the good titles to watch here. Warner Bros., Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate, are some of the main content channels here. The alternative is perfectly compatible with all devices, unlike mobdro on firestick. Furthermore, you need to know that the content is free, so there will be ads to make money.


You might be shocked to know that even IMDb TV has a streaming service where you can completely watch shows and movies instead of trailers. While you watch the ads, the alternative allows you to watch various premium movies and TV shows.

The best of all is that you don’t need to have a subscription. Besides the mobile app, the alternative is also available on the browser. You don’t need any prime membership if you have an Amazon Prime subscription.

Sling TV Free

Even if mobdro apk is not working, you can undoubtedly rely on this alternative. Besides offering fantastic rom-com and action thriller movies, the option is dedicated to providing tremendous on-demand TV.

If you want to buy the pay per view plan, then you need to go for a subscription without a doubt. Additionally, you can also go for a paid version to access everything on the platform.


It is a Walmart streaming platform that allows you to watch the selected TV shows and movies following a merger with FandangoNow. It is one of the best Mobdro alternatives. There are several top American TV shows and movies that you can for free.


Is your best alternative to learn more about classic cinema and excellent documentaries. There are ideal award-winning pieces available on the option, which you can watch for free only if you signup using the public library card.

You need to verify if the public library or university is participating in the platform before you sign up to the Kanopy.

Mobdro has undoubtedly helped us kill time by binging on TV shows and managing for free, but it is not anymore. Hopefully, the apps here help you choose better. No doubt some of them have limitations, but you can choose them as per your needs and budget.

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