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How Does Video Content Create Brand Awareness & Improve Traffic On The Website?


A brand is a foundation that gives stability and success to a business. Hence, as a business primarily online, it is required to put together a brand. It takes time, but it is all worth it once it is done right. Yet, the work does not end there. You need to also focus on developing brand awareness. The greater the awareness, the better clients recognize your business.

If you hit the right note, you can cast a wide net over the internet and seize probable clients. In recent years videos have emerged as the most prevalent way to grow brand awareness. More and more businesses are engaging in video content for a successful business campaign.

As it supports sales, retention, customer experience, education, and more. Let’s read further and learn how video content draws website traffic and creates brand awareness to reap the maximum benefit from the process.

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8 Ways In Which Video Content Creates Brand Awareness & Improves Website Traffic

If you think which targeting option is best for achieving brand awareness then its the video marketing. In a survey, online audiences spend 88% more time on websites with videos.

Further, video content can soar the website up to 53 times in search engine results pages than otherwise. Each business can use video content for distinct plans ranging from growing brand awareness to boosting SEO. Let’s find out 8 ways video content helps a business create brand awareness and improve website traffic.

Modernizes Your Brand

Brands create a broad range of video content, from live-action and animated videos to screen-recorded videos, as they deliver branded experiences to viewers and build profound engagement rates.

When you make and edit a video online, use newer technologies to make the video appear more in fashion. Viewers appreciate and relate better to businesses that are in trend and up-to-date. It allows them to set a dynamic connection with the brand and eventually invokes confidence in the brand.

Educates Your Audience

Video is ideal for clients to learn how to use a product or service. It can help brands present their product and showcase unique features easily and visually attractively. About 94% of marketers have expressed that videos have helped their users better understand their products or services.

Video contents are highly practical if the product or service is more intricate. Since conveying your message through video makes it easier for customers to absorb and retain the information. 96% of online customers like to watch an explainer video to learn about a product or service. As a result, during a survey, 49% of marketers stated that videos have helped them lessen support calls.

Expands Brand Awareness

Brands focus on video content basically to enhance their brand awareness as video marketing is seen as the most profitable approach for improving brand awareness. About 93% of marketers have said their videos have helped them increase their brand’s awareness.

A well-thought-out video content forces viewers to come back to it repeatedly, provoking them to engage with the content actively. Eventually, brand awareness can promote confidence and raise brand equity, which is vital to a business’s bottom line. Hence, videos can be instrumental in increasing a brand’s engagement and reach and setting it apart from contenders.

Improves Traffic On The Website

In a survey, 84% of online marketers expressed that visual content increases traffic when shown on the website’s homepage. Also, an out-of-the-ordinary video will work to maintain the traffic. Brands often publicize video content on social media and other content platforms to guide consumers to their websites.

When you post a video on your website, it benefits you by bringing traffic, improves the applicability for specific queries, and improves rankings and visibility in searches. This signifies that video marketing plays a crucial role in the marketing strategy and certainly is the future.

Further, use videos to engross viewers on other sites. This may appear useless; however, having a presence elsewhere will push more people to your website as they want to learn more about your business.

Enhances The Experience Of Customers

In recent years videos have played a vital role in uniting brands with their potential customers as video content is now a preferred manner of information delivery. Videos convey information faster, give customers an experience they can come back to again and again, and give your brand an edge over other competitors. About 88% of people have asserted that they mostly buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video.

Therefore, if you have been considering a business plan then you must engage in making good quality videos. Aspects such as quality, lighting, sound, animations, and content should be well thought out before showing to the viewers. Further, add-ons like captions, voiceovers, and music are must-haves for an engaging video. Rather than merely an inbound marketing or email marketing tool, consider video as a customer experience tool.

Raises Sales & Return On Investment (ROI)

About 81% of marketers have claimed that videos have benefited them directly by improving sales. Furthermore, 87% of online marketers said that their video content gives them a positive ROI.

Video content lets customers directly interact with a brand’s products or services by simply watching its story. Through videos, brands can describe their offerings evidently and concisely, converting viewers into potential customers and eventually boosting sales and ROI.

Promotes More Shares On Social Networks

Over the last few years, it has been noted that social media giants focus completely on video content. This is because video content works best with all the algorithms. Due to their unrestrained features, videos are much richer than pictures and texts regarding information transmission.

It’s not just about increasing sales and ROI that videos do. They also boost social media shares and engross your audience. Sharing a video has become as easy as pressing a button. Therefore, people are twice as likely to share video content than any other type of content. Videos yield 1200% more social shares than text and images combined. Consequently, video content is the most prevalent material for readers to share with their social networks.

Upgrades Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is practically the base of a brand’s entire online marketing strategy and is confirmed to have a straightforward impact on engagement, conversions, and earnings. The basis of SEO is lining up the content marketing approach with what the search engine’s algorithm is prioritizing. Search engines like Google have been found to prioritize search results with video over results without any video.

Therefore, without video content, you cannot scale the search results. Even if you host videos on a YouTube channel and not your website, at the end of the day, improved views and shared links will strengthen the SEO. Adding video to the website impacts various SEO ranking signals, like increasing branded queries and time on page.

However, you have to ensure that the video content is not hindering the load time after you post it on the website. Otherwise, you will nullify the advantages of using video content.


If you are not yet making video content to develop brand awareness and drive more traffic, then there was never a better time than now. Fortunately, the content for the video does not have to be sensational, as often, the most simplistic and factual content works the best.

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