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CS:GO Strategy Guide: Executing Effective Bomb Defusal and Hostage Rescue


First time playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? If you want to become a master of this first-person shooter, it makes sense to first pick your faction. Once you’ve decided on whether you want to play as a terrorist or counter-terrorism agent, you can start fine-tuning your tactics.

While some basic gameplay rules apply, no matter which side you’ve picked, you will need to master the fine art of bomb defusal and hostage rescue if you’re looking to succeed as a counter-terrorism agent. Read on for everything you need to know.

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Bomb Defusal: The Basics

Sometimes, you won’t have to deal with this in a CSGO match. In fact, you’ll only have to worry about bomb defusal if you fail to kill your enemies and someone from the terrorist side successfully plants an explosive. However, if you’ve failed to prevent one of your enemies from planting a bomb, you need to act fast. Once you hear the alert, you have 40 seconds to spring into action.

You’ll need to quickly identify the location of the bomb. Thankfully, there are only two potential bomb sites on each map, which are identified as site A or site B. Whether you’re playing on Mirage, Inferno, or any other level, you can quickly use your mini-map to identify the general location of the explosive device. However, just because you have a vague idea of where a bomb is, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to find it before the timer ticks down to zero. You have mere moments to scour around all those in-game obstacles before you’re picking virtual shrapnel out of your hair.

If you’re lucky enough to have a bomb defuse kit to hand, you can defuse a bomb in as little as five seconds. If you don’t, it’s going to take twice as long. Trust your gut and decide whether or not it’s worth sticking around if you’ll be going up to the wire. When in doubt, cut your losses and evacuate the scene.

If you do decide to try and defuse a bomb, you’ll need backup. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by enemies, so you don’t want to leave yourself exposed. If you don’t have teammates nearby who can lay down covering fire if needed, make sure you’re pre-aiming so you can be your own bodyguard in a pinch. Alternatively, make use of smoke grenades and flashbangs to make life difficult for any terrorists in the vicinity.

Hostage Rescue

Hostages have been around since the early days of CSGO. However, the Hostage Rescue scenario is only available on a handful of maps. If you rarely use these maps, mastering a hostage rescue situation might not be in your repertoire. The goal of this scenario is fairly straightforward. As a CT agent, you need to identify where the hostages are being held and safely escort them to the rescue point.

Hostages are relatively easy to find. They’re almost always found in spaces with only a couple of access points. However, these rooms will always be guarded by terrorists. Launching a full-on attack isn’t a good idea here. A spray of bullets might kill the terrorists, but you have a chance of killing the hostages before you can ferry them to safety. However, you do need to get rid of those enemy combatants. Controlled bursts are the way forward here. Think you’ve killed every terrorist in the vicinity? Don’t take any chances. Just a single missed terrorist is all it takes to put a bullet in a hostage as soon as you’ve untied them.

Sadly, things don’t get any easier once you’ve freed a hostage. As with NPCs from other games, they’re not particularly intelligent and demand a lot of guidance to get them where they need to be. When they come under attack, they won’t dodge for cover. However, you can dish out verbal commands to tell them to stay put or to follow. You’ll want to tell them to remain in place whenever you hit a new area of the map that needs inspecting for enemies. What’s more, you need to work as a team to keep casualties to a minimum. Keep the group tight and use your agents to form a human shield around them.

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